Friday, September 1, 2017

Man! Capitalism and the Freedom to Trade Across Borders are Beautiful Things!

From Bespoke Investment Group's morning message:     emphasis mine...
....gas prices in New York (where the NYMEX future is benchmarked) currently trade $15.48/bbl over where they trade in Rotterdam (Europe’s busiest port) net of quoted shipping costs. In Galveston, Texas (currently under partial operations) gasoline is $9.62/bbl over Rotterdam prices net of quoted shipping costs. In other words, if traders can buy Rotterdam spot gasoline, book passage on a refined product tanker, and sell it forward in New York, they could be looking at $9mm gross margins, including the $3.52 in shipping price. For this reason, we expect PADD 1 product imports to surge, and local gasoline price spikes in the US to be temporary amidst a loose global products market.
Translation: Global traders/capitalists -- seeking profits -- are coming to the rescue of U.S. consumers hit by Harvey!

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