Friday, March 23, 2018

Durable Goods Orders are Encouraging, Big Time! -- AND -- From whom would you take counsel on trade?

Durable goods orders for February were exceptionally strong! The bright spot to us being core capital goods; i.e., businesses in the U.S. are expanding, which should help you understand why our country's business leaders, virtually across the board, are literally pleading with Washington to rethink its position on trade:

Seriously folks, from whom would you take counsel on international business, had you a choice, a leveraged buyout specialist (Ross), a University of California Irvine business professor/heterodox* economist (Navarro) and an outspoken anti-trade trade attorney (Lighthizer), or the men and women who actually do billions of dollars worth of business across the world day in and day out?
Trump's tariff proposals, trade war will be bad for both US and China: CNBC survey
  • Almost two-thirds of CNBC Global CFO Council respondents say President Donald Trump's trade tariffs will have a negative impact on their companies, reveals a CNBC quarterly survey.
  • Even more say the trade war will have a negative impact on both the U.S. and Chinese economies.
  • The CNBC Global CFO Council represents some of the largest public and private companies in the world, collectively managing more than $4.5 trillion in market capitalization.

*DEFINITION of 'Heterodox Economics'

The analysis and study of economic principles considered outside of mainstream or orthodox schools of economic thought. Schools of heterodox economics include socialism, Marxism, post-Keynesian and Austrian, and often combine the macroeconomic outlook found in Keynesian economics with approaches critical of neoclassical economics.

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