Sunday, February 2, 2020

Quick Followup Note To This Morning's Quick Note

That sanguineness I referred to among currency traders this morning has dissipated; still not panicky, but the pairs I referenced earlier have rolled over a bit -- which, in my view, makes more sense given the news.

At the moment we're looking at a modest 80-pt hit to the Dow if it were opening this second, vs basically flat when I posted earlier.

While overnight moves by themselves don't alter what counts -- which is our longer-term thesis -- I can tell by the number of hits the earlier post garnered on this Super Bowl Sunday that some of you think about them. 

Of course the true test of your interest would be if I post something in about an hour. Won't 😎




To repeat, bottom line: Expect heightened volatility -- at a moment's notice (in both directions) -- going forward...

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