Thursday, May 25, 2023

Chart and Quote OF THE DAY!!: Just sayin...

While parallels can indeed be drawn comparing today's stock market setup to the late-innings tech bubble, and recognizing that, indeed, this time may be different, well, let's just say that we absolutely have to pay attention!

Here's Nvidia's current price to sales ratio... Note that even before today's spike it was trading at nearly 30 times sales:

And, courtesy of macro guru Alfonso Peccatiello, here's a perspective to pay VERY close attention to.

And note that, at its peak, SUNW was trading at 10 times sales (Nvidia is at 37 times this morning):

Here's the Sun Microsystems tech bubble chart:

Now, to be fair, Nvidia's price to sales metric featured above is on trailing sales, and they anticipate absolutely massive growth in the years to come... That said, Sun's believed prospects were off the charts as well, at the peak of that tech bubble price chart.

Just sayin...