Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Changing Up The Blog A Bit

Dear Readers,

You'll be receiving fewer blog notifications going forward, as we've decided to forego sending out a daily note. Instead we'll be offering up a concise weekly summation of the thoughts and the data we compile each day in our internal macro log. Along with the usual video report on our findings from the weekly scoring of the PWA Index -- where we'll throw in some commentary on the weekly scoring of our financial stress and sentiment indices as well.

The technical market updates will continue, but, to avoid redundancy, I'll produce those only when there's a notable change in the technical setup across equities, yields, the dollar, etc.

Plus, we'll continue to summarize for you the results of the monthly scoring of our equity market conditions index as well.

The goal here is to be less piecemeal, and, thus, to provide a more accessible and succinct accounting of what our work says about the ongoing state of general investment conditions.

Your feedback of course is always welcome.

Thanks so much,

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