Saturday, April 25, 2020

Quote of the Day

Daniel Coyle, in his insightful and, frankly, delightful book The Talent Code points to how the world's most talented individuals approach their specialties.

The following applies across the board to the areas the book explores. And while investing wasn't featured, I assure you, the process outlined applies to a tee:   emphasis mine...
In the talent hotbeds I visited, the chunking takes place in three dimensions. First, the participants look at the task as a whole—as one big chunk, the megacircuit. Second, they divide it into its smallest possible chunks. Third, they play with time, slowing the action down, then speeding it up, to learn its inner architecture. People in the hotbeds deep-practice the same way a good movie director approaches a scene—one instant panning back to show the landscape, the next zooming in to examine a bug crawling on a leaf in slo-mo.

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