Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Stock Market Snapshot: Getting Crowded on the Bear Side of the Boat (video)

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  1. Thanks for this great video!
    Bank of UK hit the panic button to stabilize the market and triggered the market rally. However, the fundamental problem of UK has not been resolved. They borrow too much money, spend too much, and hand out too much for the tax cut. They need to cut and control their spending instead. Once they stop buying back government bonds, their economy will be in trouble again.
    I still like your technical basis of 3500 for S&P.
    I have a very interesting question to ask you regarding the War in Ukraine. What would happen to the market if Nato and the US mobilize troops into Ukraine if Putin crosses the Red Line and uses his nuclear capability?

    1. You're spot on Sam with regard to the UK... Although the market was clearly setup to rally regardless... It did inspire a selloff in the dollar, which certainly helped, but, again, the technical setup was compelling either way... If Putin "uses his nuclear capability" the market would absolutely crash... Can't speak at this point about what the market aftermath would look like... Of course a resolution (non-nuclear) would be hugely short-term bullish for global equities, short-term bearish for some commodities.